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Sujata Shyam, founder of Luxe Capital, an exclusive boutique investment firm focusing on alternative investments, like multifamily, self-storage, short term rentals, and industrial.
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Sujata Shyam, founder of Luxe Capital, an exclusive boutique investment firm focusing on alternative investments, like multifamily, self-storage, short term rentals, and industrial.

As an accomplished, busy professional, you have built the skills to create massive income. 

And yet, most successful professionals have not learned to create
passive income.

Through exclusive and specialized investment opportunities, such as large multifamily (Apartments, etc.), we help busy, high-level professionals build passive income and gain financial peace of mind.

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Enjoy the financial benefits of real estate without ever having to deal with the headaches of being a landlord.

Build a better financial future with 
Luxe Capital Investment Group

You don’t have to be at the mercy of the financial markets.
You can invest in stable real estate assets with a proven strategy.
You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is protected while it’s growing.​


Volatile Markets

Financial Stress

High Investment Taxes


How It Works


(Year 1)

We source an ideal investment opportunity in a solid market - for example- a 100+ unit Class B or Class C property, and make it available for you to invest as a Limited Partner.


(Year 1)

The General Partnership team, and fund manager (me) invest alongside Limited Partners (you and other investors) as we pool our funds together to purchase the property. 



(Years 1-2)

Through renovations, raising rents, increasing occupancy, and streamlining operational expenses, we're able to dramatically increase the property's value.




(Year 2-3)

Once the property is stabilized and the value has increased, we refinance and capture the appreciated value, and distribute those funds to our investors (you).



(Year 5 or 6)

Depending on the market, we will sell the property or refinance again to return all of our investor's initial capital (if refi'd, investors maintain your original equity and continue to receive income from the cash flow).

“I trust the investments and the analysis.” 


Suja and Luxe Capital have connected me with investment opportunities I would not have been able to access any other way.


I trust the investments and the analysis that backs them up.


The quality of service has been incredibly good, which having known Suja for over 10 years is exactly what I expect.


Designer, Inventor, Luxe Capital Investor


“High Level of Integrity” 


Suja is relatable, caring, and knowledgeable. She is very accessible and always willing to answer any questions, making sure to explain each opportunity thoroughly.

Her high level of integrity and transparency put us at ease as we navigated our first investment opportunity with her.

We look forward to continuing to work with Suja for years to come.

Operations Strategist, Community Builder, Mama  and Luxe Capital Passive Investor



“A path towards financial freedom.” 

Suja goes above and beyond to inform you to make the right investment decisions.


She is very passionate, intelligent, personable, and easy to work with. Definitely, someone you trust.


This new area of passive investing provides me with a path towards financial freedom to focus on other aspects of my life.

–  Mama, Property Owner  & Luxe Capital Investor


 How We Vet Opportunities 

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Because of their macroeconomic resiliency, we strategically purchase income-producing ‘B’ and ‘C’ class apartment buildings. We also source other recession-resilient asset classes, such as self-storage, mobile home parks, & industrial, as examples. 

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All of the properties we pursue have a value-add component that allows us to capture appreciation through physical and operational improvements. Unlike single-family homes, multi-family assets are valued primarily by their Net Operating Income (NOI); as we increase the NOI, the value of the property increases.

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Our stringent underwriting process identifies opportunities for our investors that are recession-resistant and designed to perform well in all market cycles.

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We invest in cities and metros across the U.S. with populations of 250,000+ and areas with strong market growth indicators. Business-friendly markets are helpful.
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Our deals are primarily sourced privately through commercial brokers and business partners.
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Put your money on auto-pilot and
let it work hard for you.

You don't have to keep worrying about your family's financial future. 

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You don't have to worry about your life savings riding the stock market rollercoaster. 

You don't have to worry if you'll have enough income to sustain your lifestyle through retirement. 

You don't have to settle for underperforming mutual funds or investments that barely beat inflation.

You don't have to take on loads of risk to generate rewarding returns.

And you don't have to be stressed about your investments any longer!

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Secure a Better Financial Future

 - Getting Started Is Simple - 


Set up a call with us so we can understand your financial goals and see if we're able to help.  If you love the conversation, you can join our Investor Club. (it's free!) 


We'll source investing opportunities that match our strict criteria and meet your investing goals and share those details with you so you can invest alongside us.


Once you invest you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of building and protecting your wealth, so you can feel confident about your financial future. 

What makes Luxe Capital different?

We know you want peace of mind when it comes to your investments and your family's financial future.

The problem is that underperforming mutual funds and stock market volatility make this impossible.  What's worse, investment volatility means an unnecessary rollercoaster of stress and anxiety. 

You deserve to enjoy the life and rewards that come along with diligently investing your hard-earned money.

That's why we created a unique firm with proven investment opportunities to help you secure a better financial future. 

Whether you're brand new to specialized investments like Apartments (and more), or you're a seasoned investor looking for skilled operators, you're in the right place!

Join our Investor Club & get your FREE copy of the Multifamily Playbook

Your 12-page playbook to successful apartment investing. (and beyond!)
Double Your Wealth For Successful BUSY Professionals - Your Guide to Successful Apartment Investing (and beyond!)
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